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Murauer Konditorei

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Murauer Konditorei

Murauer is joy – whether with cakes, pralines, handmade chocolates or various flavors of ice cream.

Today family business Konditorei Murauer has 8 shops with their headquarters and bakery in Rum in Tyrol.

The quality motto “Murauer is Genuss”, or Murauer is Pleasure, proves itself in the rich choice of cakes and pralines from our in-house production, handmade chocolate, as well as diverse flavors of ice cream. Only natural ingredients (regional milk products from Tyrol if possible) and no chemical additives are used.

Let yourself be tempted by the diversity of our products.

Cakes and gateau (for special occasions: birthdays, christenings, weddings..), danishes & pastries, petit fours, pralines, ice cream, as well as sandwiches and diverse dishes – plus our own catering service.

Ice cream flavors - ice cream made from freshly pressed citrus, or high quality chocolate.

Pralines – the finest cream truffle with exquisite ingredients like pistachios, marzipan, bourbon vanilla, and spirits such as Bailey’s, Cointreau, Hennessy and Marc de Champagne.

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