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My Indigo

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My Indigo

You go your way. Your time is valuable. You’re in the mood for healthy and tasty food? Go! Indigo – menu items such as “Thai Veggie Curry with Basmati rice”, Sushi & Maki in all variations, delicious soups like the “Magic Cabbage Soup”, wheat free organic rolls like the “Sunflower Carrot Rolls”, natural juices, and much more..

In an area of 390m2 restaurant Indigo offers pure “Adventure Cuisine” with its self service area, outdoor seating on the ground floor, as well as the 160 seat restaurant & lounge areas upstairs. “We combine three attractive food & beverage offers: The Indigo Restaurant, Indigo Coffee, and Indigo Bar.”

Enjoy the clear lines of Indigo: the slim and enjoyable.

Your body will love it, your palette will enjoy it – fresh, natural, rich in vitamins and minerals, fast food without artificial ingredients.

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