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Tchibo / Eduscho

Experience the joy of coffee with all your senses. The range of coffee by Tchibo/Eduscho extends from Tchibo Private Coffee, selected rare varieties, to fresh roasted Eduscho Premium Coffee. Coffee lovers have the choice among whole coffee beans, freshly ground, or single portions for Tchibo Cafissimo.

Experience the joy of coffee with all your senses.

Our range of coffee reaches from Tchibo Private Selection, and rarities to freshly ground Eduscho Premium Coffee, Austria’s most loved roast coffee brand. Regardless of the type of preparation, coffee lovers have the choice of whole beans, freshly ground, or individual portions for Tchibo “Cafissimo” machines, and the diversity of preparation methods from espresso to filter to coffee crema. The attractive, high quality and aromatic choice of the Tchibo & Eduscho brands is pure paradise for gourmets.

The coffee bar invites you to pass the time away and enjoy, in Austria’s most charismatic food & beverage outlet, a cup of coffee as well as a sweet snack after a day of shopping or while flipping through a magazine.

Our product range expands weekly with products and gift articles from fashion to high tech to home & garden décor. A gift for every occasion is the “Card with Value” which is valid for the entire product assortment.

Enjoy the diversity of products from Tchibo/Eduscho in a friendly atmosphere. Your Tchibo/Eduscho Team looks forward to your visit!

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